Thai Artists | Rattana Salee

Rattana was born in 1982 and graduated with an MFA in Sculpture at Silpakorn University in 2011. She was also a recipient of the French Embassy's scholarship to further her studies at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSBA), Paris, France in 2011. Rattana has attended residency programs in 2011, "Invited Artist in Residency Program at Da Wang Culture Highland", in Shenzhen, China, and in 2013, "Tropical Lap 7: ECHO – The Poetic of Translations" at Lasalle College of the Art, Singapore. She launched her debut solo exhibition creating sculptures made from metal and plaster, giving her works an unmistakable sense of erosion that reflect the private and communal complexities of urban life. Rattana is a versatile artist who works on sculptures and paintings with ease. Marking her debut solo exhibition, the atmospheric sculptural installation comprises metal and plaster architectural structures that reflect the private and communal complexities of urban living. Her sculptures and paintings portray supposed progress of cities, and to her, the Thai capital has become one vast construction site. The builder's raucous rattle of drill and hammer shakes almost every street in the city, while inhabitants seek mental and spiritual solace in the claustrophobic rectangular stacks they call home. Within such domestic confines, occupants establish individual expressions as refuge, yet the world beyond continues to infiltrate. Attempting a personal connection with the geographic, social, and psychological framework of the cityscape, Rattana's sculptures and paintings evoke the hundreds of decaying, incomplete towers that still pierce the capital's skyline. Her works of burnt down buildings, bridges, and other architectural structures as reminders to the fragility of an uncontrolled expanding megalopolis. Rattana has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand (2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016), Singapore (2013), Shenzen, China (2011), Paris, France (2012).


41, Soi 48, Chokechai 4 Road

Ladprao, Bangkok 10230

(How to get there? Just get off the MRT Ladprao Station and go to Exit 3, then hop on a short taxi ride to Chokechai 4. Give us a call if you need directions.)