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In 1969, Santi Thongsuk was born in Ubon Ratchathani province of Thailand and graduated from Silapakorn University in 1994. That same year, he won the first ASEAN Art Awards in Singapore for his painting titled, "Breath in the Capital City". Santi is a naturally versatile artist, and often focuses on figurative paintings with some surrealism in the content. Santi is a devout Buddhist and often times portray Buddhism as an antidote to urban chaos, inequality, and man-made conflicts. Viewers could be mistaken in thinking that Santi is a despondent man as his paintings are of a dark mood in color and sometimes content. Santi claims that he only harnesses his more pained, darker moods as motivations because they churn up more powerful imagery than his normal life does. Santi has exhibited several times in Thailand and has also participated in an exhibition in Great Britain (1994), Singapore (2001), and was represented at the Christie's auction in Bangkok (2000) - "Important Thai Paintings".

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