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Sittivut Yavichai was born in 1989 in the province of Nan, Thailand.  He obtained a BA in Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art at Silapakorn University in year 2013, and an MA in Visual Art, Sculpture, and Graphic Art at Silapakorn University in year 2017.  Growing up in the remote province of Nan known for its natural lush landscapes of green and hilly forests and mesmerizing scenic beauty, it comes as no surprise that nature left a deep impression upon the young Sittvut, which is a theme evident in his many of his artworks.  Additionally, the unique architecture of traditional Thai temples with their colorful structures and intricate details are also a recurring theme in his art. Sittivut prefers the labor-intensive technique of reflective mosaic colored glass, as he wants to preserve this traditional media normally found in temple decorations, by re-applying this same technique to his art. Sittivut has picked up various awards and honors:  Sixth White Elephant Art Award (2017), The 6thAsia Plus Art Contest (2016), The 17th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Competition (2015), Professional Artist of the 5th UOB Painting of the Year (2014), Citation Award of Painting Contest of the 72nd Anniversary of Kasetsart University (2014), Toshiba Art Competition (2014), The4th Asia Plus Art Contest (2014), Singha Boonrawd Brewery’s 80th Year (2013), Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists (2013), and the Embassy of India’s Bodhi Tree Talent Competition (2012). He has also participated in several group exhibitions in Thailand (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Singapore (2015) and Hong Kong (2016).

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