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(Nguyen) Thanh Chuong was born in 1949. He began painting at the age of seven and enrolled in Hanoi’s Fine Arts College in 1960. During the war he served as an engineer, and when the war ended Thanh Chuong started working as an illustrator for the Literature & Art Weekly Magazine in Vietnam. His paintings are mostly lacquer on board, and sometimes oil on canvas or pastel on paper.  The bright colored works may be inspired by cubism but also by forms in the villages.  As his career unfolded, some of his paintings have been printed as UNICEF cards and UN stamps.  Thanh Chuong has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, both in Vietnam and abroad: Czechoslovakia (1974), China (1994), Hong Kong (1994, 1997), Britain (1995, 2001), Denmark (1995), Japan (1995, 1997, 1999), Korea (1996, 1999), Singapore (1997), Netherlands (1997), Germany (1998), and USA (1998, 2001).

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